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Chemistry, Biology, PHYSIC: electronics, wireless, internet...everything in science and mathematics. WE ARE THE WORLD

Group Founder: fatzak
Description: this group allows you to discuss your difficult topics, ask questions and solve questions under science and maths
Group Type: Public join
Members: 196
Category: Business, Work, and School > School

Topics (52)

go Conservation of Momentum (1) mcpalma
What is the Meaning of Momentum and its Conservation?

go law of floatation (4) danisco6
an objt of density Ds and volum Vs float with volum V submerg in water of density Dw. Show that the fraction of volum submerg is equal to the relative density of the floating objt.

go ideal gas equation (2) danisco6
One form of idea gas equation is PV=NKT, whereN is the number.of molecules in the gas. Define the other symbols and deduce the form. P=1/3C2

go Intergration (1) portiap
Find the intergral of( x3)(ex2)dx.pls help as fast as possible

go skeletal system (7) andrews5
the following organism what skeleton did they have(1)tapeworm(2)snails(3)human being.

go shape of water (1) fatzak why is water molecule not linear

go Chat room (11) ahmed_18
Asslam O Alikum friends how are you all?

go hormones (2) danisco6
Why is it that the heart beat faster when frightened

go ECOLOGY (1) fatzak
help.gif what is ecological succession

go Question for everyone. (19) ahmed_18
Which is the major crop in pakistan? Your options is,1: Maize2: Rice3: WheatREPLY AND POST THERE.

go electric charge (6) portiap
what do u call a combo of conducting plates separated by n insulator and used 2 store electric charge?

go Magnet (1) partkayz
What do u undestand by da term magnetic feild?

go earthworms (1) portiap
wats the economic value of earthworms to the farmer?

go Electronics. circuit BOARDS (6) fatzak
help.gif wht is the meaning of the RXD and TXD in electronic circuit board especially in phone circuit board

go bond dissociation (1) fatzak
the bond dissociation energy of C-C bond is 343KJ/molwhat is ment by this statement?


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1 scientist club
2 Hess law
3 enthalpy
4 html codes
5 agama lizard
6 honey bee
7 physics formula ebook
8 movement of Agama lizard
9 fish gill
10 Paramecium caudatum
11 Amoeba proteus
12 FM transmitter
13 simple rf transmitter circuit


Polls (15)

go Which of these particles have the greatest penetrating power?
go Who created humans?
go why is the sky blue
go In photoelectric effect, the energy of photoelectron emited depends on?
go Which of the following is a derived unit?
go The Diode which works at break down conditions?
go The materials having large number of electronsper unit volume are good absorber of
go which equation connect acceleration(a), force(f) and mass(m)
go which equation connect acceleration,velocity and time
go acceleration is
go constant velocity means that
go velocity
go what unit is velocity measured in
go what is the speed of an object which is stationary.
go the main function of a diode is to